Which iPhone is better to buy in 2018

The main advantages of iPhone 5s today – the price and support for the latest versions of iOS. With a high degree of probability, before iOS 12 it will be impossible to update 5s, but even in this form the device works quite well and performs all the basic functions.

Find a new device from resellers is almost impossible, but order a rebuilt with AliExpress will be for $100-150. Most likely, the kit will include iPhone壁紙 and non-original accessories, but you can find a case or case for a penny.

To buy iPhone 5s follows only if you need to connect to the ecosystem of one of the relatives. FaceTime, iMessage, Apple Music subscription and a collection of content for a small child, elderly parents or grandparents.

Do not rely on more, it’s just a terminal for communication and simple applications. Another 5s can be taken as a second tube.

If you already have one: it’s time to start teaching you how to use your parents. Sell profitable and report the money to the new one will not work.