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How to Create a Minecraft Server

Minecraft Server

First we play on other people’s servers, and then the thought comes to our mind: why don’t I make my own?

And really, why not? Of course, you can immediately go look for paid hosting, order a couple of dozen slots and try to promote your server. But what if you do not have money or you are not going to pay for hosting because of the principle? Then feel free to create a server on your own computer, if, of course, you have good internet and good hardware. We will not consider how to install a standard Minecraft server, because most of them have been using Bukkit servers for a long time. So we will not lag behind life.

So, we will not complicate your work and immediately offer ready-made server assemblies, the link to which is below, and it will be very simple for you to configure your server and will not need to search and configure a bunch of plugins.

But if you want to persevere and want to create a server from scratch, then download the empty server, which you also have with us. First you’ll have to start it by selecting a shortcut depending on the bit depth of your x64 or x86 operating system (you can find out these parameters by going to the properties of the folder on my computer). After starting the server, all the necessary files will appear and you can close it. Next, you need to edit the server settings to your values by opening the file. You will see something like this:

#Minecraft server properties
#Thu Jul 04 18:26:08 2019
server-name=Unknown Server
motd=A Minecraft Server

Let’s see what this means and the most important settings. So…

  • generator-settings – flat world seed generation settings
  • allow-nether – parameter of transition to the underworld
  • level-name – world name
  • allow-flight – server flight settings
  • server-port – server port
  • level-type – world type parameters
  • level-seed – grain (special combinations for generating the world)
  • server-ip – server ip address
  • max-build-height – a parameter that limits the world to a height, after the border of which it will not be possible to break and install blocks, except for destruction using TNT.
  • spawn-npcs – parameter allowing or prohibiting the appearance of NPC on the server
  • white-list – line to turn on and off the white sheet (players who can log into the server)
  • spawn-animals – parameter responsible for spawn animals
  • hardcore – enable hardcore mode, in which after death it will be impossible to log into the server
  • texture-pack is the name of the texture pack that will be used by players located in the server directory
  • online-mode – using this line you can enable or disable authentication of accounts coming to the server
  • pvp – enable or disable pvp mode on the server
  • difficulty – difficulty setting from 0 to 3
  • server-name – server name
  • gamemode – game mode of any player who logs on to the server, you can change it with the / gamemode command and numbers from 0 to 2
  • max-players – the maximum number of players hosted by the server
  • spawn-monsters – spawn monsters parameter
  • generate-structures – sets the generation parameter to treasuries, villages and other structures
  • view distance
  • motd – a string that will be displayed when connected to your server and responsible for information about it

What should be changed first?

Well, firstly, you must change the name of the server, the information and, of course, the name of your world. When you name your world, you will need to change the name of the folder with the map to the one you entered in the level-name line. Now your map will be the server world. You can configure other parameters at your discretion, but if you are not a professional, do not touch those parameters whose value you are not very clear. You must also give yourself an admin panel to use admin privileges by entering the command “op your nickname” in the console, or register it in the ops file, in the server folder.

You also have the opportunity to upload plugins to your server in order to add authorization, basic commands, private and other plugins at your discretion. You can download mods for the server from us.

Now you have to give the ip address to your friends and you can find out by entering the query “find out your ip” into any search engine and opening the first link. But what if you want the ip address not from numbers, but from letters? Then the service will come to your aid, on which you have to register, to foreign mail, download the program, and there is a clear and intuitive interface.

Well, we examined the basic concepts of how to make the Minecraft server on your computer as fast as possible, it remains only to configure the plugins and you can begin to play.

Why Use PHP And Why They Hate It

Why Use PHP And Why They Hate It

PHP is one of the most common web development languages. It is used to create sites and web applications of any complexity. from landing pages and blogs to online stores and browser games.

Its advantages are in its wide capabilities and security thanks to the closed source code. The disadvantages include the fact that the code will not work without a server with an interpreter (fixed in new versions of the language).

What tasks can be solved in PHP

To get started, create a page with the extension .php or .html (depending on the server configuration). The source code of this page contains html markup tags and directly PHP commands. They are between the <? PHP operators (it is acceptable to write <?) And?>. Here’s what the code looks like:


$username = “Peter”; //Username variable



<p>Hello, <? echo $username; ?>!</p>


By opening this page, the user will see the inscription “Hello, Peter!” If you are already familiar with programming, you may have noticed that $ username is a variable, and the echo command is used to display data on the screen.

PHP supports the use of functions, mathematical calculations, working with variables (as in the example above) and arrays, prescribing if-then conditions, creating objects, and much more. Most often it is used:

  • to submit forms;
  • work with databases;
  • creating dynamic pages;
  • use of sessions and cookies;
  • download and file processing;
  • create images;
  • parsing.


If you are familiar with html, then you know that with it you can’t just get the information entered by the user. That is, you can create a beautiful form, but without PHP or any other similar language, all the data will simply disappear when it clicks the “Submit” button.

The <form> tag has two attributes: action and method. The first indicates the page where the data will be sent and the second indicates the transfer method. There are two of them:

  1. POST is a safe but slow method. It is used to transmit confidential information: passwords, logins, addresses, and so on.
  2. GET is a simple but vulnerable method. You could see links like index.php? Page = 8 & category = 2. Information is written directly to the link and anyone can change its value or share it, so it’s better not to transmit anything secret and take care of additional security.

The login and password variables will be passed from the form to the auth.php page. Depending on the method, they will fall into the super array $ _POST or $ _GET. Further on this page, you can do anything with them, including checking their availability in the database.


A database is connected to the site in PHP. This greatly simplifies development, because all information will be stored in tables, and not in the code itself. So faster to edit and add data to the site.

For example, user information. If it weren’t for the databases, I would have to store all the authorization data in the code, and this is not the best option, because then the download would take forever.

Let’s continue with the authorization example. The auth.php page receives a login and password. She can then query the database to see if such a combination exists.

Of course, this is a very simplified version of the code, which can hardly be called protected. In fact, you need to perform many checks to exclude the possibility of SQL injection – this is when the user tries to enter incorrect information in order to gain access to the database.

The Lord of the Rings: The Battle for Middle-earth

The Lord of the Rings: The Battle for Middle-earth

The Lord of the Rings: The Battle for Middle-earth allows the player to go through the campaigns of Good and Evil occurring during the War of the Ring, as shown in Peter Jackson’s trilogy, with small game deviations. Each campaign has its own ending. The Free Peoples (Gondor and Rohan) focus on a variety of heroes, such as Gandalf, Aragorn, Theoden, Eomer, and others. The forces of Darkness (Mordor and Isengard) depend mainly on their hordes of orcs, Uruk-Hays, evil people, and monsters like trolls and mummies. Also, battalions of Good forces usually contain fewer soldiers than hordes of Evil, but their forces are approximately equal – people are much better trained and equipped than orcs and uruk-hai.

The good campaign begins in Moria, where the player must kill Balrog in a one-on-one duel with Gandalf the Gray. After that, Gandalf becomes White and gets extra abilities. The final battle of the Good campaign, as in Fortnite game, is attacking the Black Gate of Mordor to give Frodo time to destroy the Ring of All-Power. The campaign of evil begins with the cutting down of trees in Isengard and the first open skirmish with Rohan and ends with the siege of Minas Tirith.

Conan Exiles Game Review

Conan Exiles Game Review

The game is developed by the Norwegian studio Funcom, which can be known to you by such projects as Anarchy Online and Age of Conan. I remember this survival simulator, perhaps, two things. First, the screwed Denuvo is still in early access. Secondly, some very unhealthy attention of developers to human genitals.

Conan Exiles is a survival simulator, oddly enough, in the world of Conan Varvara.
The choice is 3 modes. A single game that is simply useless, because I do not know how boring to live to have fun in the sandbox-survival machine alone. There is a cooperative and online with PvE and PvP servers.

But the first thing you have to play is a simulator of waiting and server updates. Because the day to fly into the same session is almost impossible. But first things first.

The game begins with the character creation menu, where you can choose race, color and religion. However, everything has only a cosmetic nature, because none of this has no effect on the gameplay. From the choice of race only a short history of the character for three lines depends, and religion is simply useless, because it is possible to worship any deity, regardless of the initial choice.

After the hero is created, we will be shown a small cut scene where a swarthy and brutal guy, the same Conan the Barbarian, saves the HG from imminent death and, in fact, you are alone with the game.

The RPG element is executed as follows. The expa drips for almost all the actions that a character does, and even if you just stayed alive in this total world threat. After lvlapa points are calculated in two categories. The first can be spent on developing directly the characteristics of your avatar, like strength, survival or load-carrying capacity. Others will open new recipes for building buildings, weapons and tools. Right from this moment the game starts to have problems.

First. The game does not want to show and talk about how much stronger you can become by downloading this or that characteristic. That is, there is a general description, for example, in force: “you will cause more damage, and when you reach a certain level in this branch you will get such a perk.” But how much damage will increase is not said. And so with all the other branches.

Conan Exiles

The second. The system of studying recipes for craft, to put it mildly, is incomprehensible. And if with the basic things everything is quite simple – there is a recipe and requirements, then further incomprehensible things begin. Some items can be found by scientific poking or guessing on the coffee grounds, depending on what you prefer. Others do not. On the example: after prorolling creation of iron tools – the recipe stupidly did not appear. The question is brewing – is it a bug or a feature?

After you yourself (the game does not teach you and does not even prompt you) figured out where and what resources to find for craft, you can begin construction. On the assurances of the developers it is possible to build entire settlements and fortresses, to be built not only horizontally, but also vertically. And, technically, such an opportunity is present. However, I simply did not see this on servers. And all because for the construction of the hut 4×4 meters already needs a lot of time. And this is only the initial structures of wood and / or sandstone. How long it takes to build a reinforced castle and imagine it scary. Add to this the considerable size of the map, the different terrain, the lack of the opportunity to return to your base in an instant – and just think how many days to kill, in order to erect at least one building in the region.

Not only is Conan Exiles – this is another sandbox-survivor, it has a number of shortcomings. The game is unfriendly, empty, monotonous, demanding enough to the system, with not the most outstanding graphic and technical components.

Angry Birds Rio Gameplay Walkthrough

In this video, you can see the gameplay of free Angry Birds Rio game, to understand how to play it, learn some secrets or simply relax. Enjoy this!

Play Angry Birds Rio game online

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Which iPhone is better to buy in 2018

Which iPhone is better to buy in 2018

The main advantages of iPhone 5s today – the price and support for the latest versions of iOS. With a high degree of probability, before iOS 12 it will be impossible to update 5s, but even in this form the device works quite well and performs all the basic functions.

Find a new device from resellers is almost impossible, but order a rebuilt with AliExpress will be for $100-150. Most likely, the kit will include iPhone壁紙 and non-original accessories, but you can find a case or case for a penny.

To buy iPhone 5s follows only if you need to connect to the ecosystem of one of the relatives. FaceTime, iMessage, Apple Music subscription and a collection of content for a small child, elderly parents or grandparents.

Do not rely on more, it’s just a terminal for communication and simple applications. Another 5s can be taken as a second tube.

If you already have one: it’s time to start teaching you how to use your parents. Sell profitable and report the money to the new one will not work.

Y8 Warships Game Walkthrough

Play Y8 Warships game online.

In this video, you can see the gameplay of Y8 Warships game, to understand how to play it, learn some secrets or simply relax. Enjoy this!

Stylish Interior Decoration

Stylish Interior Decoration

Now there is a new fashion trend in design – the use of “space elements.” We offer you to keep up with the world and complement your interior with a stylish decoration of the wall – the golden moon.

In appearance, it may seem that this work is not up to you, because it looks grand and fantastic. Do not worry before the time, a little patience and everything will turn out.

Take the projector and the photo of the Moon. Using the projector, place the image on the wall in the desired location and select the scale. Then repeat the contours of the design picture with gold acrylic paint. Do not forget, for safety reasons, to ventilate the room. Done. The process is laborious and laborious, but the result justifies all expectations. Look at the photo!

By the way, making such a drawing on the wall, you not only follow fashion trends in interior design, but also draw love to your home. Since ancient times, it was believed that pictures depicting the moon or the moonlit path help to find their own happiness. And when the picture of the moon is also so huge, then it will be all right!

Minecraft – it’s a daily game


Minecraft is a computer game that has a first-person view. The player interacts with the cubes, which make up everything in the game. The entire game world is composed of cubes, using textures with residual low resolution. This made the game interesting and unique.

Minecraft 1.4.7

Minecraft Markus Persson is developing, which is known to many under the pseudonym of Notch. Originally planned to make a clone of the game Infiniminer, but Pearson wants this gameplay was more similar to Dwarf Fortress.

Minecraft 1.4.7 – it’s a gameby conquering every day more and more of the game world. This happens due to the basic idea, which is based on the extraction of resources and the construction of buildings, which can be carried out indefinitely. In addition, the players compete with quite realistic mobs involved in all sorts of adventures and expand the boundaries of the game with the help of plug-ins, game maps and mods. If you want to join the army of gamers who loved Minecraft.

Play it Now!

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