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Stylish Interior Decoration

Now there is a new fashion trend in design – the use of “space elements.” We offer you to keep up with the world and complement your interior with a stylish decoration of the wall – the golden moon.

In appearance, it may seem that this work is not up to you, because it looks grand and fantastic. Do not worry before the time, a little patience and everything will turn out.

Take the projector and the photo of the Moon. Using the projector, place the image on the wall in the desired location and select the scale. Then repeat the contours of the design picture with gold acrylic paint. Do not forget, for safety reasons, to ventilate the room. Done. The process is laborious and laborious, but the result justifies all expectations. Look at the photo!

By the way, making such a drawing on the wall, you not only follow fashion trends in interior design, but also draw love to your home. Since ancient times, it was believed that pictures depicting the moon or the moonlit path help to find their own happiness. And when the picture of the moon is also so huge, then it will be all right!